• Unlimited number of affiliates, creatives, campaigns
  • CPA, CPL, CPC management
  • Single or multi-level structure
    • Unlimited width (front-line)
    • Unlimited depth (down-line)
  • Commissions
    • Complex - like a different specific amount/percentage
    • by product, customer, source, referrer, affiliate, creative, etc
    • Simple - like a fixed rate across-the-board
    • Computes for multi-level structures
    • Commission due/paid reporting
    • Export to accounts payable
    • Commission paid flag
  • "Self-replicating" pages
  • Pixel "firing" management
  • Affiliates can manage their own data
  • Multi-company support

Driving traffic is the basis for revenue generation. You may need a network of Affiliates to get your message to the masses. Managing that network is a bit like herding cats - stuff just goes every which way.

APTHive's Affiliate Tracking provides you with virtually limitless flexibility to deal with the complexities of which affiliate is using which creative and driving what traffic.

  • Mass email (criteria based)
  • Collateral material management (creatives)
  • Presentation management

Whether you self-market or use a network of affiliates channels, you'll want to manage your message. There are multiple creatives, multiple campaigns, and multiple distributions lists - who got what, when did they get it, did they respond to it, did it generate a profit?

APTHive's Marketing and Presentation Manager makes your message (creative, campaign) available to your channels and provides significant statistical information.

Traffic Analysis
  • Simple & complex page based analytics available
  • Session based tracking:
    • Client input
    • Movements
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Pixel fired
  • Session History (all of the session-based information grouped by):
    • Client
    • IP
    • Page name
    • Data entered
    • Affiliates:
      • Sub-affiliate
      • Creative
      • Campaign
      • Source
      • Etc.

You'll put a lot of energy (and perhaps money) into generating traffic. Some traffic is good and other traffic not so much. Knowing the effectiveness and profitability of a specific source is paramount. You should know who went where, how they got there, what they did while they were there (searches, clicks), and how much time they stayed there. You can't optimize if you don't analyze and you can't analyze if you don't capture the information.

APTHive's Traffic Analysis goes far beyond that of a page-based analytics application. If you're into "optimization", then there is no better way to know what happened on your site.

  • Shopping Cart (multi-visit aware, wish list ready)
  • Abandoned cart management/conservation
  • Product Kit/Combo/Sizing
  • Promo code/Coupon processing
  • Recurring billing (standing order, auto-ship, cyclical invoicing)
  • Picking ticket (multi- warehouse)
  • Product specific email confirmations
  • Email communication:
    • Order received
    • Order paid
    • Order shipped

This, to us, is not just putting stuff in a cart and getting paid. It is the most significant experience your visitor will have. Nothing's worse than finding that your customer finding that special thing they've been looking for, deciding to buy it, and then the $%!@#$! checkout process does its best to prevent them from completing the purchase. This may be the last on-line touch point you'll have with this customer; it's definitely one they'll remember.

APTHive's E-Commerce is incredibly flexible, robust, and fault tolerant. We're not saying we're they only guys who got it right but ours is so comprehensive it will even reconnect shoppers to their abandoned carts.

Customer Service Management (CRM)
  • Call center integration
  • Unlimited number of customer service managers/agents
  • Communication based on product(s) purchased (recall)(opt-in not required)
  • Service actions/notes by customer or representative
  • Multi-layer security access to:
    • Customers data
      • Can update based on level
    • Order data
      • Create/cancel/credit/void orders/recurring orders/RMA
    • Affiliate data
      • Can update based on level
    • Sales data

The point of your site is to get customers but having customers means you'll need customer service and a way to manage the relationships. Your customer won't be very happy when they call in and the current operator has no idea of their history: sales, previous calls, or previous issues.

APTHive's Customer Service Management (CRM) provides quick access to the entire history of a customer (whether or not they have purchased anything).

Sales Analysis
  • Report or communicate based on what was purchased by:
    • Product
    • Date range
    • Source, affiliate, referrer, etc.
    • Promo code, coupon
    • Client location/geography
    • Price
    • Segment/Category/Group

You've made a bunch of sales - congratulations. Now, to steer your business into more of the same you need to analyze the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of each sale. This is easy - if you've got the data.

APTHive's Sales Analysis provides quick access to who bought what, when, where, and how. If you're segmenting, communication, purchasing, dumping, or planning future campaigns, Sales Analysis is the essential tool.

Customers/Clients Management
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Customers can manage their own data/view past orders/see next billing date for recurring orders via Customer login
  • Customers can cancel recurring order/subscription
  • Customers can opt-in/out of communications

Customers bring along data that needs to be securely stored, retrieved, and maintained. Then they have orders, recurring orders, subscriptions, payment cycles, and opt-in marketing categories. And then you send them marketing creatives/campaigns that you need to track so you'll know who got what. If your system doesn't allow your clients to manage their own data, then you'll spend your profits on customer service staff and data maintenance.

APTHive Customer/Client Management allows both the customer and the service/support staff to access and maintain the customer's data and keeps track of the marketing they have been exposed to.

Product Management
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Pricing can be automatically adjusted by specified source, affiliate, referrer, etc.
  • Commission is automatically calculated based on source, affiliate, referrer, etc.
  • Inventory Control with "allocated to orders in-processing management"
  • Multi-warehouse/source control
  • Product Kit/Combo/Sizing
  • Ability to determine number of times an item can be ordered per session/lifetime

You have "Stuff to sell". Well that stuff has a plethora of data points that have to be managed. What's it cost? Where does it ship from? What the commission amount? Are there options? How many do we have and what's the current value? There's a gazillion others...

APTHive's Product Management effectively stores, groups, and categorizes items that you sell, manages simple or complex commission calculations, and is so comprehensive there's even a place for required information like MSDS or other product specific instructions.

Subscription-based Content Delivery
  • Subscriber login
  • Automated cyclical billing (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)
  • Content based on subscription level
  • Up/down gradable subscription level
  • Push/Pull content delivery

You've got content. Some is free, some is sold, and some requires login. Some of what you sell is a one-time sale like a meeting or presentation, some is available by "regular" or "upgraded" subscription, and some may be "free" but require a login to access it.

APTHive's Subscription-based Content Delivery easily separates and delivers the various levels of content.

Distance Learning
  • Course syllabus
  • Lesson plans
  • Individual progress tracking
  • Constant communication
  • Content Vault
  • File/image/document transfer

If you've got coaches/teachers/professors teaching students then your content delivery is a bit more grandiose than a simple content delivery system can effectively handle. You've got yourself a bonafide educational-level off-campus classroom. There are your lesson plans, task assignments, due dates, grading, and passing files back and forth (up/down load) between teacher and student. A lot of moving parts interacting with a lot of different personalities.

APTHive's Distance Learning is an ideal solution for delivering the content and managing the student's activity and progress.

Project Management
  • Goals
  • Tasks/activity
  • Timeline (what's due, when its due, what's past due)
  • Responsible entity/person
  • Constant communication
  • Collaboration
  • File/image/document transfer

As your project grows, there eventually and hopefully comes a time where it gets so big the projects you do need to be managed. What are the tasks, who's supposed to complete them and when, and what's on-time and what's overdue are all pertinent questions that must be answered quickly if a project is to be completed efficiently.

APTHive's Project Management efficiently assign tasks, set times lines, and manages progress.

Export to Accountant
  • Export customized to match your accounting service's specifications

All of this activity you've generated comes with reporting and accounting requirements that you don't care to deal with (we don't blame you). Let's get all that stuff over to the accounting folks and let them deal with it.

APTHive's Export to Accountant is a process where your accounting service tells us how they want it and that's how we give it to them (happy calculating is what we say when they're not listening).

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