Executive Summary

    A business generates activity; how that activity is processed and tracked determines profitability. To be profitable, all aspects of the activity should be effectively and efficiently handled by the system. The system, to us, is the entire collection of resources, policies, procedures, hardware, and software.

    If you are a realist, then you already recognize that any little issue can disrupt the system and a disrupted system is not a profitable system. This is where terms like robust and fault-tolerant are introduced. We like these terms but we apply them across-the-board; not just to the software components.

    Over the years we have seen two circumstances all too often:

    • the activity and the system were in-synch at day one but, over time, the activity and system drift apart.
    • the activity was not properly analyzed in the beginning, which means the system was behind - trying to catch-up - from day one.

    If a business is not diligent, the delta between the activity and the system becomes too wide to span and the result of this phenomenon could prove to be fatal as the business begins to implode. In desperation, a disjointed patchwork of attempts to bridge the growing gap between activity and system functionality is applied and while some activity may be served, the overall system loses its structural integrity and the business continues to implode. Perhaps the better position would have been to deploy a robust/dynamic system on the front-end that would easily adapt to the changes in activity.

    This is where APTHive comes into play.

A brief history of how we got to where we are today:

    We didn't read about this stuff in some text book. We lived through it.

    • In the 1980's we developed [robust] distribution accounting systems for mid-range companies (10+ million revenue)
    • In the 1990's we developed Internet capable commerce applications - essentially transferring all of our transactional processing knowledge and experience to the Internet
    • In the 2000's we developed infomercials and commercials that drove traffic to Internet sites our clients owned (but our production and marketing competencies are another conversation altogether).

The Current state of the Technology:

    The is a lot of chatter, rumbling, and buzzing today about Internet stuff. While we may appear stoic, it's not because we are unimpressed; it's just that we've been harnessing the Internet's capabilities for the past 20 years - this is not new to us.

    Today you will hear someone proudly say "our application is Cloud Based". Well not to burst anyone's bubble but APTHive was in the cloud 20 years ago (it was illustrated as a cloud on a whiteboard and in documentation but we called it The Web).

    Today someone will ask "you got an app for that?" Our answer: "Yes, and it used to be called a program or a module."

    For 30 years now we have been saying: The goals are the same; it's the vernacular that changes.

    So we don't focus too much on the ever-changing vernacular and nomenclature. Our focus, for the past 30 years, is unadulterated business; to effectively and efficiently process the transactions that produce revenue and store the data necessary to make the appropriate after-action decisions (we call it "dialing it in" or "maximization"; today's word is "optimization").


    There are two fees associated with your use of the APTHive Apps: Setup & Monthly.

    What's included in the Setup (one-Time) fees?

    • Site Setup (Initialization)
      • Moving existing site to our servers
      • Internet change-of-address processing
      • DNS transfer(s)
        • A record setup
        • MX record Setup
        • SSL setup
      • Transfer/setup email addresses
      • Connecting existing site to APTHive
      • 4 training hours

What's included in the Monthly fees?

  • Hosting (this is the space where your site, programs, and data files reside)
  • 2 hours of support (non-cumulative) to be used for:
    • Training
    • Modifications
    • Optimization
    • Customization
  • License to the APTHive platform (based on the Apps chosen):

Ancillary setup costs (not necessarily applicable to all projects; based on an as needed/used basis)

  • Site review
  • Design/development of front-end (HTML)
  • Customization to the APTHive engine for compatibility with specific business-class rules established by your business activity
  • Other activity to be determined by client

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