Business generates activity; how that activity is processed and tracked determines profitability
Driving traffic is the basis for revenue generation. You may need a network of Affiliates to get more...
Whether you self-market or use a network of affiliates channels, you'll want to manage your message. more...
Traffic Analysis
You'll put a lot of energy (and perhaps money) into generating traffic. Some traffic is good and other traffic more...
This, to us, is not just putting stuff in a cart and getting paid. It is the most significant experience your more...
Customer Service Management
The point of your site is to get customers but having customers means you'll need customer more...
Sales Analysis
You've made a bunch of sales - congratulations. Now, to steer your business into more of the more...
Customers/Clients Management
Customers bring along data that needs to be securely stored, retrieved, and maintained. Then they more...
Product Management
You have "Stuff to sell". Well that stuff has a plethora of data points that have to be managed. What's it cost? more...
Subscription-based Content
You've got content. Some is free, some is sold, and some requires login. Some of what you sell is a more...
Distance Learning
If you've got coaches/teachers/ professors teaching students then your content delivery is a bit more...
Project Management
As your project grows, there eventually and hopefully comes a time where it gets so big the projects you do need to more...
Export to Accountant
All of this activity you've generated comes with reporting and accounting requirements that you don't more...
What it does
(APTHive apps are change-tolerant and easily adaptable to your business rules)
APTHive is a collection of cloud-based services and Apps that have been engineered with a specific focus on activity processing and tracking for every aspect of your customers' life cycle from acquisition through retention.

Acquisition apps
  • Order Entry
  • Abandoned Cart Conservation
  • Product Kit/Combo/Sizes
  • Visitor Session Tracking
  • Marketing Campaign Management
Retention apps
  • Recurring Billing / Standing Orders
  • Sales Analysis Reporting
  • Customer Service Management
  • Constant Communication
  • Subscription-Based Content Delivery
Administrative apps
  • Customer Management w/ Line-Of-Sponsorship
  • Staff Management
  • Product/Inventory Management
  • Sales Person (Affiliate) Management
  • Document Imaging Management

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